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Stuff For Sale Rule Clarification


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
TL;DR If you're selling stuff, post in the right place, please.


Howdy, folks.

We've been seeing a few new members come in and essentially post ads, mostly in the form of, "Visit my website and buy stuff," or "Here's some new sheet music. It's $X on my website." Jim, Helen, and I have talked about that a bit and decided we should write a clarification of our rules on sales.

* If you're selling HARDWARE (a horn, mouthpiece, reeds, etc.) or MUSIC that you didn't compose/arrange, you need to post in the For Sale section of the
MALL area. Note that you will not be allowed to post there until you have posted elsewhere on our forum 25 times. Your posts need to be substantial, not just 25 posts where you say either "I agree" or "I like saxophones."

* If you're giving away HARDWARE for free, post in the
FREEBIES/HOT DEALS area. Anyone can now post in this section. If you have something NON-MUSIC RELATED you want to post, ask Jim, Helen, or me first.

* If you've got a new FREE website or if you have FREE sheet music available, just post in the

* If you have a NEW product you're selling, post it in the
NEW PRODUCTS area. This INCLUDES music you did compose/arrange and are charging for, websites that require a paid membership, etc.

* Finally, if you want a banner in your signature line to sell something, you need to talk to Helen, Jim, or me first.

For the first little while, I'll move threads into the appropriate locations if I see any.

If you can't post in the FREEBIES and/or NEW PRODUCTS areas, please drop me a line via Private Message or e-mail at thesaxinfo-at-gmail.com and I'll get that fixed
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