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To a great extent, I think that most instruments in the contra/subcontra range just sound like tubas. While I appreciate the fact that A. Sax, for instance, really wanted to go as low as possible with his saxophones, it's one of those, "Dream meets reality" moments: a contrabass sax costs $25K or so. While I know you can pay $24K for a handmade Meinl, a nice Yamaha is half that.

I can say that the contrabass sax and hyperbass/subcontrabass flutes do make an impression when you see 'em live, it's really hard for me to say that the tone quality is worth the expense. But that's just me.

How much extra was that low A again, Jim? :D
At least I didn't ask how many charts are out there that require a low A Bb bass sax ....


I should quit while I'm ahead: "So, Pete, how many apps do you use that require a Intel Sandy Bridge i7?"
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