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The Joe Allard Project

Thanks for posting this, Ed. I have looked at this site quite a bit. I am really interested in Joe Allard's concepts, particularly those regarding embouchure. I've been wanting to take a few lessons with one of his students to talk about and see those concepts in practice.
Dave Liebman's book Developing A Personal Saxophone Sound and DVD The Complete Guide To Saxophone Sound Production show Lieb's take on Allard's concepts.


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There's a lot to dig into with the site which is really cool. As someone who is mostly self taught I've picked up a lot of great information from books and various web sites. It's not the method I recommend for young players and one day I'll find someone I want to study with.
Yes! I've been all over some of these ideas for a while. It started with doing the mouthpiece alone exercises, and I'm just getting more and more into the feeling/technique of playing with maximum reed vibration/minimun embouchure tension.

For me, the point Allard made about freeing the sides of the reed make total sense. I've been doing the 'reed only' drill as a kind of pre warm up. It's been amazing to me to discover just how tense my embouchure still is.

very cool stuff IMO.
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