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Where do you find sheet music for the other clarinets?

I've found a lot of music for Bb clarinets and a little for the Eb, and of course the C can play any standard sheet music, but what about the others? Is there much sheet music for the A and G, or do you have to transpose?
And what about using saxophone music? Does it transfer directly to the clarinet or are the instruments different enough that the music should be arranged specifically for the clarinet?


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Well any clarinet can read anything in the treble clef. (that includes sax music, unless you're playing with others, in that case one of you needs to transpose, unless you all play instruments in the same key and read off music transposed to whatever key)
There's a whole lot of music for A clarinet in the orchestral world, and some solo stuff too! Not that much for the G, at least that's written down. Music written for sax might be easier or harder for the clarinet, depending on the piece-however, the written range of a sax is generally higher than the clarinet, at least for the most part.
(for an example of what I mean, look up both Scott McAllister's "Black Dog" and Jacques Ibert's "Concertino da Camera." McAllister goes up to a D or so above altissimo C on clarinet, which is already an octave above the C above the staff! The Ibert goes to either an E or F above the saxophone's palm F, which is written up a few lines above the staff already! You wouldn't see those sorta notes until you've spent nearly a decade or more on either horn-highest I've had to play on clarinet in an actual piece is an altissimo A!)


Tom Heimer
Great solo for Eb is Luisa di Montfort...with piano Acc.


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I played an Eb for all of about 15 minutes. Once. Just because my HS band had one sitting around and I wanted to see if I could. Most of the music I looked at for the Eb soprano was way above :TrebleClef::Space3: 8va. To a guy that generally played bass and contrabass clarinets and, more often, baritone and bass saxophones, I found that a little too much work because of the rather difficult fingerings. Hey, if you want the horn to be a substitute piccolo, get a piccolo player :D.
In my readings, that was the one that most intimidated me. The Eb sopranino is played in the top register to make the most of it's upper range. And, naturally, it's most unstable in the highest register so it's hard to play in tune.
It didn't sound like much fun.


Tom Heimer
I played a lot of Eb in the 70s & 80s and loved it. Even just used the stock Buffet mouthpiece that came with the instrument. At times in bands you double the first clarinets, but also at times the flutes. Often your part is separate and you are in fact by yourself, giving the feeling of playing Bb in an orchestra. I played in an Italian concert band that had no flutes or oboes. I had more solos than the Principal Clarinetist.
In my distant youth I played Eb clari in a military band. I played only the Eb because nobody else in the band could get it to sound above E5. I had no problems in those days with a 4 reed. Now I play a 2.5 tops.


Tom Heimer
Just a thought-- Maybe check out Sheet Music Plus. They have a lot of stuff. I've composed a an unaccompanied piece and am considering using them as a means to sell it. It's worth a look anyway.
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