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2nd Musicians Swap Meet on L.I.

Discussion in 'The Gathering Zone' started by woodpecker, Nov 25, 2013.


If you live in the area, how likely are you to attend?

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  1. Date:March 9th, 2014
    Location:The American Legion, 22 Grove Place, Babylon, NY 11702

    This is a call to all musicians and gear lovers! We are having our 2nd Musicians Swap Meet on L.I. and hoping we can gather as many musicians and fellow gear lovers to attend so that we can keep this event up and running. At the first event we had mostly guitars, drums, amps and all the accessories. We had people asking for saxophones,etc..but we just didn't have those types of vendors. We are asking if you know any vendors that may be interested in renting a space please have them
    visit: www.NYMusiciansSwapMeet.com
    If anyone reading this lives in the general area please stop by you never know what you may find, we will have a consignment area available!
    Additional info contact John 917-807-5379
    Thank you!
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