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Buffet website music

Discussion in 'Clarinet Misc. Media' started by River432, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am new to this website, and have a question about some clarinet music I just heard. I recently logged onto the Buffet-Crampon.com website and listened to the clarinet music being played on this website's home page. I have heard this clarinet piece/concerto before, but can anyone on this site identify the name of the piece and/or its composer? It really is a beautiful piece of music and I would like to be able to get my hands on it, if possible. Thank you very much. River432
  2. Gandalfe

    Gandalfe Admin and all around good guy. Staff Member Administrator

    Wow, it is very nice. I asked the clarinet player in my family and she hadn't played the piece and didn't recognize it.
  3. not sure what it is either, but I like it and would love to learn it as well
  4. tictactux

    tictactux Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    Reminds me of Satie. But it isn't, as far as I can tell.
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