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Bundle with 14 new compositions for flute-, oboe-, clarinet with piano

Discussion in 'Sheet Music: Compositions & Arrangements' started by andrevanharen, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Hi! My name is André van Haren from The Netherlands, living since 2003 in Sweden.

    I have written a bundle with 14 pieces titled "Moments" and created duo arrangements for flute, oboe and B-flat clarinet with piano, and thought it would be nice to promote it here. You can hear the different arrangements on soundcloud here:

    "Moments" for flute and piano: https://soundcloud.com/andrevanharen/sets/moments-for-flute-and-piano
    "Moments" for oboe and piano: https://soundcloud.com/andrevanharen/sets/moments-for-oboe-and-piano
    "Moments" for B-flat clarinet and piano: https://soundcloud.com/andrevanharen/sets/moments-for-b-flat-clarinet

    best wishes,
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