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Classical literature - The top 5

Discussion in 'Media' started by eddierich, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. tictactux

    tictactux Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    5.3ish slugs here. :cool:
  2. Carl H.

    Carl H. Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    Pete is stoned?!?
  3. Ed

    Ed Founder Staff Member Administrator

    Thanks for remind me Pete. Jim and Pete are tall. I'm not. 5' 7" on a good day. :-D

  4. Carl H.

    Carl H. Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    Will shorter players have more difficulty with the top five pieces? Should we be discussing the middle or lower 5 pieces so as not to exclude them?

    (6'2", 200)
  5. Tammi

    Tammi Private woodwind instructor

    You're all taller than me! 5' 2 1/2", 140 lbs.

    But you all are still evil little men. :emoji_rage:
  6. pete

    pete Brassica Oleracea Staff Member Administrator

    I suffer from "cluster headaches", ATM. A brief, somewhat inaccurate, definition is migraines that are much more intense, but don't last as long. I have SEVERAL prescription drugs for that condition that are listed as "controlled substances". And I've been told that, yes, Oxycontin could be in my future.

    When I had (3 years ago) double-pneumonia, 1.5 collapsed lungs, 7 broken ribs and muscle spasms in my chest, I was prescribed this little, tiny pill called "Flexeril". The first time I took it, I was responding to e-mail. 15-minutes later, it kicked in -- and my fingers were missing the keyboard. By a lot. I made it to bed. Or was carried. I just remember waking up.

    However, answering the question, I haven't had to take my "knock me out and put me to bed" pills in a couple weeks. I last took my "controlled substance, but keeps you functional" pill yesterday, so that might answer your question :p.

    A "stone" is a British unit of weight that's still in common use, although not official use (and I watched a lot of Dr. Who and I watch TopGear, so I hear it often). I weigh a bit more than 14 stone, if I have the conversion right.
  7. Carl H.

    Carl H. Distinguished Member Distinguished Member


    I was unfortunate enough to tear a hamstring while playing timpani this past fall (don't ask). It has been interesting to say the least, but can't compare with what you've faced in the last few years.

    Hang in there. (Top Gear! Did you see the cheap car competition they had a few seasons back?)
  8. pete

    pete Brassica Oleracea Staff Member Administrator

    Y'know, I was browsing this thread because one of our newbies was here. I realized I really didn't answer the question. And, interestingly enough, TopGear was on tonight and it was a cheap car competition: 1,500 pounds to buy a coupe of some kind. IIRC, it was James May in an older Jag XJ12, Richard Hammond in a BMW 6-series and Jeremy Clarkson in a Mitsubishi Starrion (which would have won the competition if Clarkson hadn't put an aftermarket turbo in it).

    TG is now available at your local Netflix and has been for about three months or so. I have all the available ones in my queue.

    James May is also starting a new series about toys. It's on a tad late on BBC America, but I might catch it sometime.

    Also, speaking of tympani, in my position as assistant to the conductor many years ago, I had to tear down the orchestra, including carrying the tympani -- two copper and two fiberglass -- up two flights of stairs, twice a day a couple times a week. I weighed 140lb at that time. I named my hernia after the drums. That also introduced me to the wonder that is Darvocet. (I'm missing a month after the operation. I'm sure it's around here, somewhere ....)

    And I have been told my sister's the evil twin. At least, that's what she says.
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