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    Looking for recommendations for "lounge lizard" genre music in chalumeau register for Bb sop clarinet. Preferably something I can find on Youtube.

    I was listening to just such music (recorded, not live) a couple of weeks ago at a club in southern France and really liked it. The clarinet was jamming along with a band that was heavy on piano and drums. No altissimo or anything very fast was used in the piece at all--very mellow.
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    Slow Blues works excellent on Clarinet's Chalumeau. Or something easy like Manhattan Serenade or - of all pieces - Strangers on the Shore. :)

    If you're adventurous, you can always take some sax part and play it on clarinet. Either tenor (straight away) or alto (some transposing required)

    Some - very - random picks:
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    When I was first noodling around with clarinet, I played these which were fun and all in the chalumeau range. These just pop out when I'm playing the instrument as easy to figure out

    BTW, I surprises me that many clarinet players don't use or understand the terms chalumeau, clarion, and altissimo.
    • Oh Say Can You See
    • Stranger on the Shore (so easy to figure out)
    • When I'm 64
    • Secret Love
    • Jingle Bell Rock
    • Do Nothing till you hear from Me
    • Blue Moon
    • All or Nothing at all
    Many of these you can find in the Just Standards Real Book by Warner Brothers.

    Once you master the break (throat notes) and clarion range (same basic fingering as the sax) you'll have even more fun songs like "When the Saints come Marching Home" D F# G A, D F# G A, ...

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