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Desktop Publishing

Discussion in 'Books, Literature, and Websites' started by tictactux, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. tictactux

    tictactux Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    ...only loosely related to music, but I know that some of us are actively participating in community band stuff and the like, so this may be of interest...

    I do the concert flyers for my concert band every year. In the past I've been doing this with OpenOffice Draw with very good results. However, the prepress process leaves a bit to be desired, so I was looking for some more "professional" application, without breaking my bank. I tried a number of stuff, from MSPub to InDesign, but it was either not quite up to snuff, or it was prohibitively expensive for a mere hobbyist. Yesterday I stumbled over Serif PagePlus which is available for free, or older versions can be ordered from various online dealers. Today I stumbled over the predecessor of the current product which can be downloaded for just twenty pounds.
    (The free version is identical except PDF export (you can use eg BullZip or CutePDF instead if you don't need CMYK output) or some more elaborated but rarely used stuff)

    Now I can even import my Lilypond-generated PDFs. And it generates press-ready output, ideal for online flyer ordering.

    Thought I'd post it here, feel free to move it elsewhere. (no affiliation whatsoever)
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