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Does the Vandoren A45 B flat Clarinet mouthpiece really exist?

Discussion in 'Mouthpieces' started by cjwinter, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Hello, knowledgable folks. My son is a freshman in high school, playing in an honors (higher level) band. His private instructor recommended this specific mouthpiece as an upgrade from the Vandoren B45. He said he has ordered it from someone in New Zealand in the past, but I can't find the dang thing anywhere. It's like the unicorn of mouthpieces. I've found an AT45 for clarinet, and an A45 for alto sax, but not an A45 for clarinet. Is anyone here familiar with this mouthpiece?
  2. I don't think that mouthpiece exists.

    The A in AL4 or A45 is A for Alto. The tenor mouthpieces are all T - T45, TL4
  3. Thanks, Clare HG. I just learned that the AT45 is a newer mouthpiece made of a composite material (hence the AT-Advanced Technology), using the B45 shape. Still not what I'm looking for, but at least I know what it stands for now. Not earthshaking news, but I thought I would share :)
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