Does this case cover fit my clarinet case?

Discussion in 'Clarinets' started by acclarion, Jun 8, 2015.

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    Last year for my birthday, my husband wanted to buy me a cover for my clarinet case. This was not as simple as he'd hoped because there were very few clarinet case covers that supposedly fit my Buffet double clarinet attaché case. There are very few pics of double case covers and none show the case fitting properly or what the opening of the case cover is like. (Almost bought a cover that didn't unzip fully and needed the case to be slipped in - not useful.) I promised after this ordeal I would share what my case cover looks like so anyone else who buys one can see if their case will indeed fit.

    So finally, here is a video that shows a Buffet Crampon attaché double clarinet case fitting inside the Buffet case cover. (No endorsement - Just friendly help I wish I had when I was searching for a case cover)

    Becky from
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    I saw your post of the video earlier on Facebook. Very useful information as there is a huge lack of details on that case cover in every listing I have seen of it.

    Does a typical black folder fit inside the case?
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    Or you can be lucky enough to have a spouse who can sew. This is my all-time fav case for carrying music, reeds, tools, extra neck straps, business cards, ... Well, you get the idea. There is not case big enough to carry all my instruments, heck my bass sax case has been compared to a coffin. :)


    ... metronome and tuner (although I have been using the one of my phone now-adaze), mouthpieces, ...

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