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Discussion in 'FAQ' started by Ed, Mar 10, 2008.

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    A number of people have asked the question - How can we help finance the community?

    At this point, the community runs ads on the site to help defray the cost of operation. As of March 2008 the ads cover about 30 percent of the total cost of hosting. I have a couple of other sites that share our Virtual Server and they contribute additional money. The remainder of the expenses come out of my pocket which I enjoy doing as it is my opportunity to help provide an interesting resource for the Woodwind Community.

    Pete Hales has graciously offered to do a calendar for us that will bring in some additional funds to help us cover expenses.

    My goal with Woodwind Forum is to avoid asking members for donations and to have the site become self sufficient through ad revenue, calendar projects, and other revenue streams such as affiliate programs that link to the main site. If we get to the point where the community is bringing in more money than is going out then I plan on re-investing a large portion of those funds back into the site with advertising either on the Internet or in various trade magazines and journals.

    Come on Ed we have a hole being burned in our pocket . . . take our money!

    Tempting as it is I think we have a model that will allow for us to cover expenses and perhaps even have some extra income. I really appreciate the offers of assistance but what every member can do for the community is to mention it to a friend and help it grow. If you do that you'll help drive traffic to the site which will further increase our ad revenue. The most important gift that anyone can give to the community is to participate. Participating and being a part of making this community an important resource for woodwind players is the greatest donation any of you could give to me.
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    Yah. I'll post details on that in a bit. It'll be a generic woodwind calendar. The sax calendar, that I've done for the past several years, will still be done. It's a "both ... and ..." :)

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