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Henry Gunckel Bb Clarinet

Discussion in 'Other Makes and Models' started by Greg, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. As i posted to another thread recently i came across with a very nice old Henry Gunckel Bb albert system clarinet!

    I have searched a lot at the internet about Henry Gunckel and i have found out that many of these clarinets were made especially from Buffet, Noblet and possibly even Kohlert..
    Gunckel was the stencil name for a company called Jenkins located out of Kansas. This company imported these clarinets from France. It is said that the scroll initials ''B'' and ''C',which means Buffet Crampon and are written in the stamp of Buffet clarinets, if they are also existing in the stamp of Henry Gunckel clarinets they were made by Buffet. Do you know anything about that guys? Your information will be very helpfull! Also, i post some photos of the stamp of my clarinet and another from my A buffet!

    20161027_132654.jpg 20161027_132721.jpg 20161027_132933.jpg
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