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Discussion in 'The Leblanc Family' started by MickeyT, Dec 12, 2015.

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    I am looking to purchase my daughter a new clarinet. The music store has suggested a LeBlanc CLSOL20. My only concern is, I can not find any information on this particular brand and model. Is anybody familiar with this clarinet? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    CLSOL200. Leblanc Soloist. Supposed to be low-intermediate or high-student range, depending on who you ask. Wooden. Not to be confused with the Selmer Soloist. Some reading I've done suggests that this model is only available at authorized dealers and not advertised online, so it makes sense if you can't find out much about them online :).

    Conn-Selmer owns Leblanc. I don't see mention of the Leblanc 200, only the Selmer 201. The Leblanc Bliss 210 (available with either silver or nickel keywork) is the only Leblanc-labeled Bb clarinet currently in production, according to both the Conn-Selmer website and Wikipedia.

    (TIL that Safari auto-corrects "Selmer" to "Seamer." Hmmm.)

    Anyhow, I'd *think* that the 200 is an older model that was replaced by the Selmer 201 (I'll check after I post this. EDIT: not advertised as far back as 2011 on the Conn-Selmer website). In your specific case, I don't know if that means that you're buying a new, old stock item or something else.

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