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Marques d’instruments de musique (1860-1919)

Discussion in 'Websites, Books, etc.' started by pete, May 2, 2015.

  1. pete

    pete Brassica Oleracea Staff Member Administrator

    Dec 26, 2007
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    Website: http://iremus.huma-num.fr/marques-instruments-musique

    I was searching for some further information on a company called, "Union de la Facture Instrumentale." (I was wondering if they were part of La Grande Lutherie du Centre/de France.) I came across this website. You type in the make of an instrument and you get a little picture of the emblem they stamped on their horns. One other thing is that it cross-references, so I typed in "Union de la Facture Instrumentale" and got back "Couesnon." That's pretty kewl! I also found out factoids, like Henri Selmer's middle name (Chéry).
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