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metal facing on wood mouthpiece

Discussion in 'Mouthpieces' started by ken, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. ken


    i recently bought an R13. it came with this grenadilla mouthpiece with a metal facing. no markings on it. Has anyone seen one or knows what it is?

    Ken metal facing MP.JPG
  2. This is quite similar to a mouthpiece that I came across on a Jerome Lamy Thibouville clarinet I bought from EBay a few years back. It's marked Zinner and works best with a German-style reed.
    DSCN1300.JPG DSCN1302.JPG DSCN1303.JPG
  3. ken


    Thanks Tony. mine plays surprisingly well. any Idea how old yours is?
  4. Hi Ken,
    I'm not sure, but the clarinet was from the 1930's and had been in storage for upwards of 50 years. I've checked the Zinner site and there's no mention of anything like it in current production. Mine chirps like crazy with a French-style reed but plays well with a hardish German reed.
    Tony F.
  5. ken


    .Good to know Tony, Thanks!
  6. Groovekiller

    Groovekiller Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    The mouthpiece is not made from wood. It's hard rubber with a nickel facing. There are lots of saxophone mouthpieces around that are constructed in the same way, usually marked SIL-VA-LAY, but often marked with other brand names. The concept is a good idea - a "normal" mouthpiece with the stability of a metal mouthpiece. The saxophone models are so old that they are obsolete for modern use except in a few classical environments. The clarinet versions are rarer and worth refacing if you like the sound.
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