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Moeck Tuju Alto Recorder (236)

Discussion in 'Recorders' started by jiiis, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. jiiis


    Nov 25, 2015
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    Hi! I am new to the forum, and I would ask your help. (I speak spanish, sorry for my english)

    For almost a year I have a recorder Yamaha 300 Series (Alto), and now I'm planning to buy a wooden recorder. My budget is limited and do not want to invest in an instrument too costly since I am still a beginner (but I want to feel the sound of a wooden recorder !!)

    On ebay I saw the recorder Tuju Moeck Alto (236) in excellent condition and I am interested in buying it. I know it's an old model and predecessor of the Moeck Rondo, but that does not worry me. I searched online (google, forums, etc.) and I have found little information about this model. I was also unable to find any audio or video. Please, does anyone have any information you could share about this model? Do you think it is worth buying this recorder? Thank you!!!
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