Monochrome III

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    ... isn't. Monochrome, that is.

    One of my favorite composers is Peter Schickele, more generally known for his discovery the last of JS Bach's 20-odd children (and certainly the oddest), PDQ Bach.

    With that out of the way, I have greatly admired Mr. Schickele's orchestral and ensemble works -- heck, I had some on vinyl -- and I had started collecting some of his clarinet works a few years ago.

    The man has a very, very good feel for the clarinet.

    Monochrome III is a piece for nine Bb clarinets. The performers are supposed to perform in a circle and then play (remembering the notation from the sheet music). The result ... is stunning.

    I searched for a full MP3 of an un-overdubbed version, because the overdubbed versions don't sound right. They're not supposed to. Check out this.

    The MP3 I list here isn't from my website or the CD I bought -- I bought the CD HERE, which also has some other very, very nice clarinet pieces (unfortunately, the playing isn't as great as you'd hope, but it's OK) -- this MP3 appears to be from a live performance and the sound quality is a bit iffy, but it's the full piece. The gentleman that recorded it is a person that recorded another Schickele piece for CD.

    I've played a few of Schickele's clarinet pieces and will try to discuss in the future. Really stellar stuff.

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