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    From the article:

    Good flutes usually don't show up on eBay. :) I would suggest you hang around the flute section on Lots of good players and a few makers (Terry McGee, Tony Dixon, Doug Tipple, Casey Burns) hang around on these discussion boards. People also advertise instruments for sale. That’s how I got mine. Patrick ?Doc? Jones is also a regular. He runs and is a super-duper nice and honest guy to deal with. He sent me a $1400 flute to try out, sight unseen, and insisted in covering his end of the shipping costs even though I didn’t buy the flute. His commitment and service to the flute playing community is amazing. He will talk straight to you and not try to take advantage of you. He might even be interested in your Dixon as a trade-in.

    The rest of this blog entry on buying a flute can be found at ... te-buying/

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