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    I got an e-mail this AM from one of our members who said that he was getting spam via Private Message and/or via the forum's built-in e-mail stuff. I haven't heard of anyone else with problems and I'm not getting any spam, but ...

    a. If you're getting spam, please contact me (, Helen or Gandalfe (Jim) -- you can use e-mail or PM. We will need to know who you're being spammed by, so make sure you give us a username or e-mail address. I'd also like to see the spam message.
    b. If you're having a problem with something, please tell us. We can't fix what we don't know is broken.
    c. If you see a spammy post, just click on the Capture.PNG icon in the thread. I'll get an e-mail.

    We submit spammers to a service with a program called "Spam-O-Matic." It bans the username, IP address, and e-mail address of the spammer on ALL websites that use the same service (Akismet), so if you're helping us with spam, you're helping other folks, too!

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