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Stamped logo on reed

Discussion in 'Reeds' started by Vard, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Hi guys. I am new in this forum. This is my first thread. Guys, I make custom made clarinet reeds. Now I need to stamp my logo on reeds. Please help me what kind of ink/pigment or other method should I use for stamping? I will attach some branded reeds here for better understanding me. Some branded companies use laser technologies for logo on reeds but my possibilities are not so high, that's why I want to go humble.
    So, guys, waiting for your help./advice.

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  2. Gandalfe

    Gandalfe Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Interesting question. I would think any watersafe ink would work. I wonder how henna would do? I suppose you could experiment with some choices.
  3. pete

    pete Brassica Oleracea Staff Member Administrator

    How 'bout a woodburning set? Might be a perfect idea.

    If you're going with ink, you need to make sure it's non-toxic, too. There might be some sort of governmental regs on it, too. Then again, I don't put that end of the reed in my mouth.

    SOTSDO Old King Log Staff Member CE/Moderator

    There is a specialty hardware company called Rochler, which can be found on the internet. They have a number of different custom woodburning tip options, options that allow for your initials, your logo, or even a simplified version of a photograph, to be made in the form of a tip for a heated device to burn it into the wooden surface of your desires.
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