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Discussion in 'Pete's Computer Corner' started by pete, Oct 29, 2017.

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    ... isn't necessarily awesome.

    My standard advice on getting a computer has always included, "Get as big a monitor with the best resolution that you can afford. It'll make a huge difference." I have a 27" 2K monitor (most monitor resolutions are: 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and 5K) that's slowly dying, so I took my own advice.

    What I wanted to get was a 32" to 35" 4K monitor. These start around $450 US. That's a bit too much for me. So ... what about a 4K TV?

    I did an awful lot of research and the 4K TV that has the best price and all the features you'd want (IPS display, HDR, 60hz, SmartTV, etc.) is the 43" LG43UJ6300. A month ago, it was $600. A couple weeks ago, it went on sale for around $400. A day before the end of the sale, BestBuy knocked the price down to $329. So, I pulled the trigger. But ... it's too big. Really.

    I have a standard 6 foot x 2 foot desk. If I sit 2' away, the display takes up nearly my entire field of vision. I re-installed my keyboard tray, so that's almost an extra foot. That's better, but I really should sit back about 6 more inches.

    The other fun thing is that I'm now 2.5' away from my other monitors, so I have to reduce the resolution on them so I can actually read the text.

    The other thing is that my 27" monitors are 7-year-old Apple displays. They're the best you could get in 2010 and are equal to the best 27" monitors you can get today. My TV is just reviewed as "the best bang of the buck." The 43" doesn't look half as good as my 27".

    So, live and learn. I'll have to figure out my setup a bit better.
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    I'm still pretty happy with my 22" Acer that I bought in 2009. I do need to use my reading glasses with it now (too many birthdays), but to me it is just the right size. Before I retired, I had occasion to use a 27" monitor at a client site, and I didn't like it - probably because it was set up too close.

    I still have a working 65" JVC rear projection TV from 2005 (1080P). The sweet spot for viewing on that is from 9 to 11 feet away. Any closer, and it's a bit grainy, and your neck gets tired from moving your head around.
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    My monitors are just big enough to fit my desk/s. And they all were free with computer upgrades. I like that price. Can't imagine a screen so big that you'd have to turn your head to see the whole landscape. Not my idea of fun.


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