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Vandoren leather ligature

Discussion in 'Ligatures' started by Blairtaylor, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. I was wanting to buy a vandoren leather clarinet ligature, but it looks like they only sell them for German clarinet. Will it fit? I use a 5rv lyre mouthpiece.
  2. pete

    pete Brassica Oleracea Staff Member Administrator


    (From http://www.vandoren-en.com/Bb-CLARINET-LIGATURES_r46.html)

    You're just looking at the wrong part number. There's one for "regular" Bb clarinet and one for "German" Bb clarinet. (IIRC, the mouthpieces on Oehler system horns are generally a bit narrower than on Boehm system horns.)

    FWIW, it really doesn't matter if it's "German clarinet" or not. The real question is, "Does it fit my mouthpiece?" I've not used your make/model mouthpiece, so I don't know if it would. If no one here has used that combination, contact Vandoren directly and ask. They should respond pretty quickly to, "I want to buy your ligature." :)
  3. pete

    pete Brassica Oleracea Staff Member Administrator

    Dude. The part # for "regular Bb" is LC21L and the one for "Bb German System" is LC25L. "German clarinet" isn't popular enough to be listed twice :p. Just look for the part number.

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  4. i know that but they don't give you the model #... i emailed vandoren though.
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