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Where to buy retaining screws/washers for a Leblanc model 340 Contrabass Clarinet?

Discussion in 'Bb Contrabass Clarinet' started by link, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. The Contrabass Clarinet that I own is a Leblanc (USA) model 340. It has engraved "Kenosha Wisconsin" on a silver metal piece attached to the nickel body, so I am assuming it was made there. The instrument is black in color and is currently missing two retaining screws/washers that hold two of the pads in place. Does anyone know where I can buy these retaining screws/washers? Thanks.

  2. Carl H.

    Carl H. Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    I'm not sure if you are asking for rivets and resonators or pivot screws. Some pics would be most helpful.
  3. tictactux

    tictactux Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    If you haven't got an instrument repair shop nearby, take it to a hardware shop and see if they have some suitable screws available. My guess is that those screws are in the 1.5...1.8mm range.

    If it's just for pads, then the instrument can do well without reso/riveted pads, just install plain pads (even sax pads if they fit thickness-wise) instead.

    If the pad is sealing fine and you're just worried about the retainer screw hole, seal it with a blob of nail varnish or the like so that it won't leak any air.
  4. jbtsax

    jbtsax Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    I have worked on a couple of "paperclip" contras, but don't remember seeing any of the pads that are held in place with a screw and washer similar to flute pads. If I am not mistaken, the pads should be held in the key cups with some type of heat glue.
  5. There is a threaded rod attached to the key cup coming through the pad; it is missing the retaining nut and washer that hold the pad in place. The nut and washer might be one piece; it is round in shape and definitely screws onto the threaded rod. Thanks.

  6. Carl H.

    Carl H. Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    Once again, a picture would be most helpful. If you don't have a camera find a picture online and give us a link.
  7. Retaining screws/washers for contrabass

    Andrew, do you still need a source for your missing parts? I know exactly what you need and have some spares. Perhaps best to tell me the particular pads in question as there are a few sizes of resonator on the horn. Cheers.

  8. Hi Rufus,

    Yes, I still need a source for the missing parts. The keys that hold the pads that need the resonators are the middle G# key and the middle F key. Do you have resonators for a Leblanc model 340 Contrabass Clarinet that was made in Kenosha, Wisconsin? The reason why I'm asking this is because I am not sure if the Leblanc (France) and the Leblanc (USA) model 340's are exactly the same or not. I know that the Leblanc (France) model 340 is silver plated and the Leblanc (USA) model 340 - the one that I own - has a black body with a silver plated bell and neck - the part of the neck that attaches to the black body. Thank you.

  9. OK, Andrew. Just to be clear, you are in need of the reso/retaining screw for the left hand pinky C#/G# key pad and the left hand thumb F pad or is it the right hand index finger Bb/F key pad? If the right hand index finger pad key is needed then which one, the smaller upper pad or the larger lower pad? (Sorry, clarinet key naming is a bit of a pain.)

    As for any difference in the Paris vs. Kenosha production as regards your needs, I think we are good. If what I send you is not compatible then do please let me know, but I predict a succesful outcome. BTW, the Paris 340's were either silver or nickel plated.

    At this point you may PM me with clarification on the pads/keys in question and we'll take it from there. I'm new to this forum and don't know if my address is somehow obtainable so here it is: rufusacosta@sbcglobal.net


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