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WooF Member Recording Thread

Discussion in 'See and/or Listen' started by tjontheroad, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. sideC

    sideC Artist in residence Distinguished Member

    Well written and performed, and you took a cool sounding tenor solo. But I'm most impressed with the fact that you took the time and expense to do a very professional mixing and mastering job on your recording. The sound quality is top notch....a most important ingredient in the making of a sucessful recording.


  2. tictactux

    tictactux Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    And if you need a band with a harmony lineup for beta-testing, gimme a honk. We're always looking for stuff that hasn't been played to death. :)
  3. Sounds great guys! I'll definitely keep that in mind as i keep working on my writing chops!
  4. Groovekiller

    Groovekiller Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    The beat goes on

    A few months ago, I played baritone sax on a big band recording session with drummer/composer/arranger/conductor Frank Derrick. The CD received several Grammy nominations, and no, we didn't win.

    The band doesn't work often but last weekend we did, and it reminded me of how good the CD sounded. We recorded it the hard way, all at once with no overdubs.

    I got a baritone solo on the title track "The Beat Goes on." The trumpet soloist is Chris LaBarbera. Check it out:

  5. sell saxophone,clarinet

  6. Any relation to Joe, John and Pat Labarbera???
  7. Groovekiller

    Groovekiller Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    No relation to the other great LaBarberas.
  8. Groovekiller

    Groovekiller Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    I forgot to credit some great players:
    First (Lead trumpet) solo is Augie Haas, trombone solo (no solo microphone - played from the section) is John Kricker. Produced by top 40 hit master arranger Mike Lewis. This track was recorded at about 2 AM. The trumpets were fried, and so was I, but I still like it. Pros are pros.
  9. sideC

    sideC Artist in residence Distinguished Member

    Groovekiller, nice solo, very funky story being told. That band sounds like a lot of veterans who know how to lay down that '60s type groove.

    I worked with Frank Derrick in the Cab Calloway Orch back in the day. Frank was a very sweet guy who would bring his whole family to the gig every night when we worked in the NYC area. As a matter of fact, his dad, Frank Sr., played alto and clarinet in the band at that time. Glad to hear that Frank Jr is still active.

  10. Gandalfe

    Gandalfe Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Tasty arrangement, very nice bari line at 1:25, solo at 2:10, and duet at the end. The trumpets solid and the band provides a totally professional performance. Nice share and a very good listen.
  11. Groovekiller

    Groovekiller Distinguished Member Distinguished Member

    Frank's dad is unfortunately no longer with us. However, his mother was present at the recording session and hung in until the end. She used to give clarinet lessons to Johnny Griffin!
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  13. Aulos303

    Aulos303 _•_ •_• __ •_•_ •____| Banned :(

    I did some improvising on my tin whistle, trying to control my breathing and vibrato. Tin whistle takes less breath than recorder!

  14. Aulos303

    Aulos303 _•_ •_• __ •_•_ •____| Banned :(

    I learnrd a new song today, called Never on a Sunday, and played it on my Yamaha alto recorder after picking out the notes on ukulele.

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