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  • 20161116150934-b6fab3b7.jpg
    Grafton Plastic clarinet. This is from an eBay ad in 2016. Since then, I've seen two more. One of them allegedly had...
  • s-l1600_011.jpg
    I really like the look. Another one on my, "I would like to try someday," list.
  • s-l1600_011.jpg
    What an exotic instrument.
  • s-l1600_012.jpg
    I noticed this pair on ebay when I searched for Albert before I bought my $100 one-that relocating of the register vent strikes me as rather odd-I...
  • Eugene Albert Bb/A Clarinet Combo
    I should also mention that Eugene Albert generally produced clarinets with the intonation standard of A=452hz, which means that the horns cannot...

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