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  1. Recorderissimo

    Chalumeaux With Baroque Fingering?

    The chalumeau has been sparking my interest a lot lately. As I began looking more into it, they appear to have German recorder fingering. Do chalumeaux with Baroque recorder fingering exist? I am fully aware of the fact that an instrument called the "Clarineau" does happen to have variants with...
  2. TrueTone

    J.C. Denner's birthday.

    Well, today's the birthday of Johann Christoph Denner, inventor of the Clarinet, and late 17th century woodwind maker. Coincidentally, its also my birthday, which is why I occasionally make a joke I was fated to play Clarinet. I actually got to play on a copy of a chalumeau made by his son at...
  3. Cantabile X-20 ... a very interesting woodwind for beginners?

    At age 70 and with breathing problems it seemed a bit silly to consider taking up a non-fipple woodwind instrument. But hey - so what - I went ahead anyway. After flirting with a Xaphoon (ghastly mouthpiece), a LittleSax (interesting but weird fingerings), a Nuvo Dood (actually pretty good...
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