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J.C. Denner's birthday.


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Well, today's the birthday of Johann Christoph Denner, inventor of the Clarinet, and late 17th century woodwind maker.
Coincidentally, its also my birthday, which is why I occasionally make a joke I was fated to play Clarinet.
I actually got to play on a copy of a chalumeau made by his son at Clarinetfest. It's interesting, although the range is too small for me to like it enough, maybe a clarinet by one of them would be more to my liking, as a Clarinet from the 1790s there was rather enjoyable to play.
Does the one supposed Chalumeau by him still exist, out of curiosity?
The only photos I've seen of it were black and white.
Aaahh. Stupid tags are making those into links. Oh well.


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