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  1. Hello Everybody,

    Hello, I'm Carl and I look forward to making new friends and discussing music and instrument repair stuff Including custom modifications and what-not. I'm currently working on a VITO Bbb Contrabass Clarinet low-c extension with tenon receiver, J-Bend, tone hole, key/rod work with bell...
  2. Heckelphone

    Candid Sarruophone shots

    I just ran across a picture on Flickr of my daughter and I playing sarrusophones at the 2008 San Jose Saxophone Xmas. I'm playing an Eb contra; she has my Bb bass.
  3. Heckelphone

    Contrabass List Meltdown

    Some of you are aware that I run contrabass.com, and the associated mailing list. (If you were not aware, and are interested in unusual instruments like sarrusophones, contrabass saxophone, tubax, etc., and particularly in instruments for whom middle C is considered altissimo register, perhaps...
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