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Contrabass List Meltdown


Double Reed CE
Staff member
Some of you are aware that I run contrabass.com, and the associated mailing list. (If you were not aware, and are interested in unusual instruments like sarrusophones, contrabass saxophone, tubax, etc., and particularly in instruments for whom middle C is considered altissimo register, perhaps you would like to check it out ;-)).

On Sunday, my ISP was migrating all of the email accounts to a new server, and experienced a catastrophic failure, losing all email accounts and configuration files. With it went the subscriber lists (digest and regular) for the mailing list. The only backup I had was (ahem :oops:) pretty old, and covered only the digest subscribers. I'm still hopeful that the ISP may be able to recover the current address lists, but in the meantime have started reconstructing (OK, so you can see how optimistic I am). The list itself is back up and running.

If you are/were a subscriber, or would like to be a subscriber, just let me know at listmanager@contrabass.com. Also, if you know people who may be interested, please feel free to pass this along to them.

Thanks :cool:


Content Expert Saxophones
Staff member
Oh no Grant... I'm so sorry to hear that happened. What a pain in the ass that's got to be! (Can I write ass here? Or it will it be censored by the WF's trust word watcher? ... Twice...)

Back to the matter at hand... Losing files has always been my biggest fear. I too haven't been as diligent as I ought to be with the backing up of my website's files. It's a good lesson for all of us, regardless if talking about our personal or website files: BACK THEM UP. BACK THEM UP. BACK THEM UP.

Good luck getting your data restored. Hopefully it will not result in too many hours extra work for you.
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