1. Need to know what instrument they're using.

    Hey, does anyone know what instrument is playing at 2:38? I really like it but I can't tell what it is:
  2. Can the Yamaha YCL-255S Bb clarinet play altissimo?

    Hi! I’m a high school student buying a new clarinet and I found the Yamaha YCL-255S at an affordable price. My high school music requires me to play a lot of high notes including some of the altissimo register. I’ve heard that this model is meant for beginners and intermediate and was just...
  3. keith

    Tune grade for Clarinet

    Hi all, I am interested in playing Adagio from Moonlight Sonata and as a relative newbie am curious what grade this would be considered? Regards, Keith
  4. digitalmatt

    Do classical concerts work?

    I am interested in getting a sense of how the way classical musicians present classical music ("art music") affects how audiences listen. Mainstream discourse has circled around the lack of programming of music by women, non-binary, and composers of color and answers regarding this issue are of...
  5. John Ireland Fantasy Sonata

    What're your opinions on this recording?
  6. Love songs for clarinets and piano

    My husband, David Carovillano, composed these four beautiful classical-pop ballads for clarinet and piano (one for each of E flat, B flat, A, and Bass Clarinet) and a sweet, reflective clarinet quintet. Here is the preview video for our album "Reflections". Let me know if you would like to...
  7. Newly Formed Band looking for donations to Library

    The newly formed High Desert Windband Project in Santa Fe, NM is looking for donation to its music Library. Since our Charter is the performance of wind Music written 1950 or later, we cannot make use of the various works in the Public Domain Libraries. If you have any works, even if...
  8. Music on

    Hey I'm Toni. I have a website but it isn't getting any members, or visitors. It's a research and community wesite, where you can research or learn about topics , chat with friends, play online games, take polls, etc. If you have a minute could you check it out? Thanks 8-) P.s. since I'm the...
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