1. Help identifying instrument, Buffet oboe

    I bought this oboe used probably around 9 years ago from my city's local music store. Since it was purchased so long ago, I no longer have any information about it, if I ever did in the first place. I'm looking for help identifying the model and/or approximate age of this instrument. At the time...
  2. Blowing Pressure

    Hey! As a teenager I played the Oboe for 5 years, until the time I finished school. For time reasons I had a break of almost 10 years. I wanted to start again, but I had a diaphragmatic hernia.. Since there is a slight risk of recurrence due to the high pressure in the abdominal area while...
  3. Need to rent an Oboe.

    Hello, So, I have been without playing for about 20 years, and I want to go back to it, even if for a while. I cannot afford an Oboe, but I read some sites do rent those instruments. I have found Midwest Musical Imports, Music Rental Central and Willis Music. My question is, do you know any...
  4. Identify my oboe model

    I am a flutist and I don't know anything about oboe but wanted to learn it. I have bought a used buffet oboe from internet and the seller told me it is a 4151 student model. but since it didn't look like the photos of this model I wrote to buffet indicating the serial number and they told me it...
  5. S-l1600(10)


  6. Beautiful Woodwind Quintet

    Play in woodwind quintet? Here is a beautiful work, "Euphoria", by David Carovillano. Like it? Let me know if you would like to play it. http://www.maestroscorner.com/euphoria-for-woodwind-quintet/
  7. Newly-Patented Neck-Strap to End Pain on Right Thumb

    I have been an engineering professor, avid amateur of ten musical instruments and serious inventor with eight U.S. Patents. One of the latest is Pat.No.7,655,853 dealing with the way to get rid scientifically of the always-present nagging pain in the right thumb, hand, elbow, shoulder or arm for...
  8. Linton Piccolo - Theo Markardt Oboe, vintage / valuation

    My music teacher brother passed away and left me with several woodwinds. I used to play a little flute (years ago) so I have an idea of what the flutes - an Armstrong 104 and a Selmer Signet open-hole coin silver - are worth. The two I have questions about vintage and valuation are a Linton...
  9. Growling on Oboe

    I'm not an Oboe player, which is why I'm very curious as to whether or not it's possible to sax growl on the oboe. Technically you're not supposed to be able to growl on the clarinet but that works just fine. Would any of you oboists be willing to try it and tell me how it sounds, or even...
  10. Heckelphone

    Heckelphone on stage

    I'll be performing on heckelphone with the Ohlone Wind Orchestra (Fremont, CA) on Sunday, 10/14/12, playing Holst's "The Planets" (transcribed for wind ensemble). For the rest of the concert, I'll be playing oboe and (on one piece) English horn. Come and enjoy!
  11. Oboe

    Do you guys have the Oboe on here anywhere? Oh, and hi I'm a new member :-D
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