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Newly-Patented Neck-Strap to End Pain on Right Thumb

I have been an engineering professor, avid amateur of ten musical instruments and serious inventor with eight U.S. Patents. One of the latest is Pat.No.7,655,853 dealing with the way to get rid scientifically of the always-present nagging pain in the right thumb, hand, elbow, shoulder or arm for the straight-clarinets and oboe players. After trying it for years with different professional and amateur players, now a "new, improved" product and website have been finished; and players around the world can instantly profit from this labor of love. That's for me first initially, as I got my right elbow paralyzed for six months during the early trial and error period, when my product, called the OboeClarinetGenie or OCGenie, was being developed.

I invite you to check my website www.ocgenie.com to verify every facts presented here. Facts include the scientific analysis of why all other neck-straps fail where only the OCGenie works. Our Oboe and Clarinet players should enjoy investing in this invention to play better and to liberate themselves from the unnecessary tyranny of sore thumb, hand, elbow, shoulder or arm that may even terminate a promising career.

Better still, any teacher now can pool 5 students money and get for each one a scientifically-proven useful neck-strap for $20 each, (including shipping and handling and no tax), with 100% -Satisfaction- Or-Money-Back for a month, and guarantied for 3 whole years. A pool of 10 students will get one each for $18, less than the cost of many neck-straps available now in some local stores or on the Internet. Those neck-straps cannot help the users win the battle against the pain and awkwardness as definitively as the OCGenie in real-life evaluations.
You are invited to promptly invest in an OCGenie to profit the most from it. Early birds and students discounts are available.

Thank you.
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