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original jazz composition

  1. Roger Aldridge

    Music for Mid-Size Jazz Ensemble

    Here's a simple video (only title screens and one photo per recording) that presents six originals for mid-size jazz ensemble in a kind of virtual concert. There is 24 minutes of music. These six pieces cover a broad range stylistic from American roots music to contemporary. My scores are...
  2. Roger Aldridge

    Baltimore Rowhouse for 5-Horn Jazz Ensemble

    The third score in a series of pieces for mid-size jazz ensemble is finished. This is an extended piece that goes through a series of moods and settings. Guitar is featured along with a soloist on an unspecified instrument. This music has a great deal of freedom and is dependent upon the...
  3. Roger Aldridge

    More ideas about my new approach to ensemble writing.

    More ideas are coming together about the 5-horn jazz ensemble scores I'm working on. Here's one: Existing small jazz groups -- such as quartets or quintets -- could add a 5-piece horn section on an ad-hoc basis and use these charts for special gigs. Just about any combination of wind...
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