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Music for Mid-Size Jazz Ensemble

Roger Aldridge

Composer in Residence
Distinguished Member
Here's a simple video (only title screens and one photo per recording) that presents six originals for mid-size jazz ensemble in a kind of virtual concert. There is 24 minutes of music. These six pieces cover a broad range stylistic from American roots music to contemporary. My scores are written for flexible instrumentation. This enables them to be played by many combinations of instruments. I am especially interested in having the scores performed with jazz soloist, woodwind quintet, and rhythm section; however, more conventional instrumentation is also fine with me. :)

Link to the video on my website: http://www.rogeraldridge.com/virtual-concert.html

Here's an article that describes my concepts for mid-size ensemble: http://www.rogeraldridge.com/mid-size-ensemble.html

Ensembles interested in trying these pieces, please contact me.