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  1. Aulos303

    Thinking of getting a Nuvo DooD

    From what I've seen on youtube these (and the Jsax) look and sound really good. I can get one for less than £30 and even tho it won't have the range of a clarinet it has that reed, giving that sound and dynamics that I really like, also it will give me the opportunity of playing an instrument...
  2. Buffet B12, Equivalent or Similar help?

    Hi guys, I have not been learning for long, less then two years, but in that short time I have owned nearly 10 clarinets either permanently or briefly, chiefly because I have had great difficulty getting one that wasn't defective in some way. The first was an SMS Academy clarinet which although...
  3. pete

    (Don't) Be Like Pete

    I posted a bit of this before, but I wanted to flesh it out. And I didn't think enough people would get the "Be like Mike" reference. I don't like it when people list equipment -- or more rather, I don't like it when people list their equipment and then someone purchases the same equipment...
  4. pete

    Saxophone Bargains

    I touch on this idea every few years. Considering I'm waiting for a couple computers to finish thinking about stuff, I decided to go readdress the topic. There are a lot of good saxophones on the market. The problem is finding an inexpensive horn that's not cheap -- in other words, you don't...
  5. pete

    TheSax.Info and Woodwind Forum Calendar Fundraisers!

    TWO DIFFERENT calendars. I don't want to confuse you, much :). Here's the deal: 1. I will still be doing a saxophone calendar, like I've done every year since 2006. This calendar is ~primarily~ a community service for folks that want me to publish really nice pics of their saxophones. It...
  6. pete

    Help US to Help YOU

    Update on July 15, 2010: I've decided that we should sticky this, as several folks have come by in the past week asking what make/model horn they have and how much it's worth. Bottom line, without good pics of your horn, any estimate of the make/model of your horn, it's current value or how...
  7. pete

    Serial Number and Model Listing

    I've created a very comprehensive chart with a lot of info at http://thesax.info/serials.htm. ======= Added July 9, 2014: I wanted to add this because I keep forgetting to mention this and I get a lot of e-mails about it. Serial number charts are a really bad way of determining what model...
  8. pete

    Global FAQ: Horn Value

    EDIT (11/10/2018): I realized that I never posted this. I'm surprised I didn't. So, here it goes: don't expect your horn to be worth thousands of dollars. That's also regardless of age. So, please don't be mad at us when we tell you this. Now, back to the show: ---------- The most often...
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