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serial number

  1. Yanagisawa alto odd 7-digit SN !?!

    Hi! I need help in identifying which model my Yanagisawa alto SN 7751115 could be? It has a single 5 stamped to the left of the SN and logo. It has a high F# key, and single arm on the low C. The 7 digits confuse me. On a 7 digit horn the first two digits would indicate month, and the 3rd and...
  2. Help identifying a Bass clarinet Brand

    I’m starting a new job at a high school and I’m doing inventory of the instruments we have in the closet. I come across a very vintage looking bass clarinet case, and inside is a one piece bass clarinet with all the necessary parts. The problem is that the serial number only has four digits...
  3. Buffet Clarinet Buffet Crampon Prestige

    Hi guys I am buying a bass clarinet and I got a fellow that let me see a prestige and he says the serial number is: H40978. Can you find out what year it is? Like in the picture: Thanks for the help :)
  4. Which model is this Buffet Crampon Oboe?

    Hi I am not a musician, though I happen to have a Buffet Crampon oboe inherited from a relative. It has a serial number of 2056 on both of the main pieces, and Buffet Crampon Paris clearly written on the end-piece. A bit of googling has revealed that the serial number is key (I think), and it...
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