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Buffet Clarinet Buffet Crampon Prestige

Hi guys I am buying a bass clarinet and I got a fellow that let me see a prestige and he says the serial number is: H40978. Can you find out what year it is?
Like in the picture:

Thanks for the help :)


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Considering I enjoy pouncing in where others fear to tread ...

The most accurate answer would be "fairly recent." Most of the Buffet serial number charts for harmony instruments only go up to 1993. If you look at the serial number trend for harmony clarinets, it's generally only a couple hundred to 1000 per year, and 1993 ends with 26734, doing the math, you end up with ... "fairly recent." If you want an exact answer, you need to go through Buffet.

Make sure you've got the "Prestige" badge on it.
Thank you very much! That was quite helpfull with the link from buffet and everything :D
Already sent an email asking, thank you very much