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  1. What year did Yamaha produce the YCL-20?

    I have a Yamaha YCL-20, serial number is 160906a. Can anyone tell me what years Yamaha produced the YCL-20? Thanks!
  2. Intermediate Tenor Saxophone

    Hi all, So I really don't know much about buying saxophones, as I just got into playing it two years ago, switching from clarinet. Now that I've gotten a feel for the Tenor, I'm looking to buy either a respectable student model or intermediate tenor saxophone of my own. I've been looking at some...
  3. mmatisoff

    Yamaha CS series versus SE series

    I've been reading everything I can about the CE and SE series of Yamaha clarinets. According to the Yamaha web site: "The CS series has a shorter and narrower inner bore taper followed by a longer straight section which allows the clarinet to deliver a straight, concentrated and clear tone. The...
  4. Yamaha clarinet advice

    Hi,Im looking to buy a clarinet for the first time and would appreciate some advice on what type to get. I took clarinet lessons for 5 years at secondary school but used a clarinet belonging to the school so had to give it back when I left. I haven't played at all for 6 years but I'm keen to buy...
  5. Yamaha XT-1 vs. Yamaha 72 Bb Soprano? Help a guy out here!

    I recently found a Model 72 Yamaha Bb Soprano SN 0010XX. It is in excellent condition with no cracking/pinning and quite playable. My college daughter currently plays a Yamaha XT-1 that we purchased new in 2009. My question is this: All things being equal, if you had to choose between playing...
  6. Who have experiences with yamaha 621 or 622

    I'm suprised why you don't read about the yamaha 621 or622 wooden bass clarinets. I play on a plastic yamaha,the 221II, and i'm reale content with it. I have tried a wooden buffet and also leblanc, but i still prefer my plastic yamaha. Because the quality is so high of the 221II yamaha, i expect...