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Who have experiences with yamaha 621 or 622

I'm suprised why you don't read about the yamaha 621 or622 wooden bass clarinets. I play on a plastic yamaha,the 221II, and i'm reale content with it. I have tried a wooden buffet and also leblanc, but i still prefer my plastic yamaha. Because the quality is so high of the 221II yamaha, i expect that the 621 or 622 of yamaha will beat the buffet wooden bass clarinets. I should wanted to hear some experiences of people who have played on one of these yamaha's. Can the wooden Yamaha beat the buffet or selmer?

In the netherlands its almost impossible to try the wooden Yamaha, there are no musicstores who wanted to sell them to you, the allways offer you a buffet eand selmer.

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I have both a Yamaha 621 II as well as a Buffet 1183-2, both low Eb. I played the Yamaha for about two years before trying and buying the Buffet. While the Yamaha is technically a very capable horn neither its' tone nor intonation can match the Buffet, particularly in the low register. I find the yamaha to sound on the 'bright' side in comparison and I often had to extend the neck as far as possible for it to stay in tune.

I recently sold the Yamaha but up until now I used it only as a back-up and for outdoor gigs.

The Yamaha 221 II is a superb plastic bass.....probably the best in it's class but I wouldn't extend that description to its' wood bass horns. But that's just one person's experience.

By the way there's an on-line distributor in the Netherlands, Mathews, that often sells Yamahas on ebay.

I have a 622 I bought over the summer! I use a Clark Fobes nova mouthpiece, vandoren optimum lig with Rico grand concert select bass clarinet 3 1/2 bass clarinet reeds. Extremely good intonation. Long B only 5 cents sharp. Low C# is 20 cents flat. Well made beautiful instrument. Beautiful tone. I wish it had a little more oomph to the sound.
I posted cause I couldn't find much info on the 621/622. I'm primarily a sax player. My 650 soprano and 221II plastic bass and 622II wood bass have served me well. My 622 was set up by hammer woodwinds. The key heights were opened and extra shellac put on lower joint pads. This resulting in my 622 have a much more open sound and solid low D C# And C. The YouTube recording was with Yamaha ligature and before Mike hammer set up.
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