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100 saxophones

My first sax teacher once had his students over to his place for a gathering. He had us listen to a classical piece and asked us to name the instruments in the orchestra. There were no shortage of guesses and estimates of the number of string, wind, and brass instruments, etc. Not a single person included a saxophone for the very simple reason that none of us had ever seen it played in a classical orchestra (admittedly some ignorance there). My teacher (quite a character, I might add) then revealed with great enthusiasm and pontification about the virtues and versatility of the saxophone that it was an orchestra consisting of 100 members, all playing saxophones from contrabass to sopranino. If I remember correctly, the pics from the cover of the LP (yes, this was long ago) showed the orchestra. I don't know for sure but I think it was French.

Anyone have a clue about what recording this might be? This is not a quiz. I would like to know but have no clue. I was young and more interested that day in one of his female students. Not that I remember her name either :).

Dave Dolson

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Distinguished Member
Steen: Laughed out loud . . . I've had many a good musical moment ruined by my interest in the opposite sex. Funny!

Sorry that I can't help in identifying the recording. DAVE
After a quick Google search I came up with:

Generation Next - large saxophone ensemble
Premiered by the Grand Ensemble de 100 Saxophones d’Ile de France under Jean-Louis Delage
Sunday, February 1 2009 - 4 PM
Eglise Saint-Merri de Paris
76 rue de la verrerie, M°hôtel de ville ou châtelet
Paris, France

Could this be the group?
Thanks! Why not? In that case, it would have to be an established orchestra that turned over its members but that seems plausible given the info you provided and what I could find by using Google myself. I use Google Scholar and Google all the time for my work but now you have made me wonder how much I miss out on since I never came across this. I still don't seem to be able to find recordings but maybe I am using the wrong terms for my search. Guess I will try emailing Alex Kotch. He must surely know. Thanks again!


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There used to be an annual gathering of saxophone players down in Galveston TX, the closest thing to a resort that this hellhole of a state possesses. It was an ad hoc setup, with everyone showing up early in the day to do a run through of the relatively simple music, and then the appearance(s) occurring later in the day, perhaps as a part of a parade for the rather lame Mardi Gras that Galveston tries hard to promote every year.

However, it hasn't happened for a good number of years. Too bad - I was planning to show up with a C melody and ask where my part was...
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