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23-Year Old Samba

Roger Aldridge

Composer in Residence
Distinguished Member
A couple of weeks ago I remembered a samba -- Samba Da Aguia Pescadora -- that I had written in 1992 (actually I had a dream about it!). I looked through my music files and found the tune. Playing it on piano, I found that it still sounded good to my ears but I reharmonized two measures on the bridge. I then sent the tune to David Arivett and he created a demo recording for me.

Here is the samba's page on my website. Besides the recording, you can see the lead sheet and a description of the tune's background story. Please give it a listen and let me know if there are any impressions or comments you'd like to share.


I have a bunch of older tunes. Periodically, I remember one (like this samba) or stumble upon it in the files. One of my projects for 2015 is to spend more time going through my files and see what additional tunes jump out at me as needing to be dusted off.

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