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2nd octave flute tone problems

Hey guys, i am new to flute playing and i have been playing since 5 months.
So, i want to know how to get rid of the 2nd octave rough tone.
I have seen various fonts and practiced alot of soft long tones, but my tone does not get any near to the normal flute tone that we all know.
Please tell me as much details as possible, such as embouchure, how to control air, etc. that can fix this.


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Just know this is a common problem for neophyte flutists--it was for me. I would start with a lesson from a flute teacher. In that first lesson we would find out:

1. If my flute is in good condition.
2. If I have some bad habits that many first timers develop.
3. If there are some great exercises that can help us move to the next level.

Reading books about a new hobby can be good, but sometimes you need another set of eyes/ears to move you to the next level.
Well i guess my flute is in good condition, i can't really see any bad habits, i don't know really. And there are some of those exercises i mentioned earlier.
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