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Access to recordings

I've done a lot of downloading. Napster, AudioGalaxy, LimeWire, Gnutella, Shareaza, Kazaa, Morpheus, BitTorrent, Edonkey, SoulSeek and they are all pretty much given over to pr0n. For the last few years, there's been this whole Spy vs. Spy junk going on with keys and encryptions and all that. Some time ago, I gave it up, mostly. As an always listening and studying musician (I believe musicianship is 90% listening anyway), I NEED access to music.

Without getting into a discussion on ethics/morals/legality (I really don't want to talk about all that), let me say that the Rhapsody service is worth every dime.

If I host something, it's something I've already downloaded or ripped. Most of the time, I'll just reference the song title and artist, and sometimes, the actual recording session. At 13 bucks a month, I get almost all of what I need from Rhapsody. If I need something rare, I still have all that other stuff and in a pinch, I'll wade through a river of slime to find that rare recording but mostly, I'm onboard with the paid service.


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The only problem I had with Rhapsody (I used it about a year ago) was they still had a lot of stuff in their proprietary music format and that required RealPlayer -- not Real Player Alternative, but RealPlayer -- to work. And, as a computer tech, I don't want RealPlayer on my computer.

If they've moved to WMA or MP3 format, I'd definitely recommend: they have a large and varied selection. Even some esoteric stuff that my wife and I liked.


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Rhapsody is slowly adding material in the mp3 DRM Free format. When I joined they had about 1.3 million songs I believe they are over 5 million now.

I like the service. I think I'll turn it on right now.
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