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Advice required for 2 flutes competing for overhaul

Hi, flute lovers,
After having taken formal flute tuition for two years, forty years ago (yes...), I switched to sax and doubled since on and off on flute in various combos and big bands. Happily enough, flute is now gaining momentum in the three bands I'm playing with and I desperately need a major overhaul on one of my two instruments: first a Sankyo "Prima" (SN 6236), 40-year old, then a Yamaha 261 SII, ca 10-year old (actually my daughter's). As I haven't any indication on either flute (silver head or not, student/intermediate/pro levels, etc.) and as their sound is now rather close (fuller bodied with the Yam), I'd be happy to learn a bit from this distinguished panel about their respective characteristics and merits as well as a recommendation for the choice of one of them to overhaul. As an additional question, do you think a new head would be worth the expense ?
Thanks in advance, cheers
... after a quick search (that I could have done before posting), seems that the Yam 261 is the basic, yet apparently respected, student flute. Would be glad to have your advice on trying an upper level headjoint by Yam. On the other hand, not found much about the Sankyo. The complete labelling on the flute body reads "PRIMA", then the triangular Sankyo logo, then "SANKYO FLUTE", MFG CO", "SILVER SONIC","TOKYO", 6236.
Looking forward to your input !
I'd vote the sankyo. Better yet, call the USA distributor or email them directly and send em the eserial number and ask for more info. I've done that on a few of my horns.
The Sankyo Silver-Sonic is one of their high-end lines. It's still made today -- and sells for about $4000 - $4500, depending on the headjoint and foot, and sell for $1700 plus on eBay.

I'm not a flute player and I don't play one on TV, but I've heard of Sankyo and I know that they're all high-end flutes.

I'm not sure if "40 years old" is completely accurate, especially as they started making flutes in 1968, but I know that 26,000 = appx. 1980.

Seems that some flute players like the older Sankyo more than the newer one.

Give 'em a yell. I'm sure they can look up the serial for you: http://www.sankyoflute.com/

(Bottom line is that the Sankyo is a much better flute than the Yamaha student horn.)
Pete and Saxplayer: wow, great news, many thanks for your input. Yes Pete, I started 1968 with a rental and bought the Sankyo, upon recommendation of my teacher (lovely young lady BTW), one or two years later. Actually, my parents paid the bill and I don't remembrer them being aghast when seing the price. And confirmation that it's top level manufacturing: 40 years of rather rough handling later and still going strong, after, if I remember well, one light adjustment and one pad changed.
I'll drop Sankyo a line as suggested and shall keep you posted.
Thanks again
Latest news: contacted Sankyo and got a perfect answer within three hours!
These guys know what after-sales is all about. Pete, you were right: the flute is a reasonably upper level instrument, still in production now called the CF 301 with foll. characteristics:

Head joint , Body = Hand-cut sterling silver 925 Ag
Key Mechanism = Nickel Silver
with Silver Plating finished
Tubing = 0.38 mm

No doubt I'll have it overhauled and then see if a headjoint is of benefit (I imagine that a good load of woodwindshedding might also be of great help...).
Thanks again and consider a Sankyo if you need a flute!

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