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Am I the only crazy clarinetist with 5 barrels?


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I have one of those click barrels. Great invention. But the bore on those is huge, but seemed a perfect match for a Selmer CT.

I also have many various barrels (mostly for Buffet), but for a different reason. I have barrels from 64 to 66 with various internal bore dimensions.

I've bought Buffet Moenning barrels where the bore is standard moenning and then straight cyclindrical but labeled "Moennig". Go figure, someone at the factory forgot to ream it or something. I prefer the Chadash taper myself.

I use a normal rule that a 66 cyclindrical is the same as a 65 tapered.

I also have a 63 Wolfgang in the case, and various other sizes but nothing less than a 63.

I guess if i was playing in a cold room where I'm always flat I could always use a high pitch clarinet (442) ? hmmm, I wonder how that would work ?

But a piano at 447 .. maybe just take the lower joint off and ad-lib :)
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