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Amazing K & M Saxophone Stand


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Distinguished Member
Maybe others have seen these before, but they are new to me---a sturdy sax stand that fits inside the bell of the sax inside the case. Is that cool or what? It was about $36.00 U.S. for the alto stand and about $40.00 for the tenor. It is named the "K & M Midget Collapsible Stand".



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I've had one of these for tenor for a while. Great for travel, and a little easier to use than the Saxxy stand. I can't put in the bell though, as that is where my neck and mouthpiece go in my Bam contour case. It fits nicely in my traveling laptop case, but gets some strange looks from the TSA folks.

For local gigs, it's nothing but the Saxrax. It protects your horn from oblivious brass players.
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