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Andre Peron Metal Clarinet

I don't play but I buy inexpensive instruments to make available to my grandchildren to try and have available for school bands. In searching for a good inexpensive clarinet (I found an almost new Vito Resotone 3) I started reading about metal clarinets and thought it would be neat to get one to tinker with. What I have is an Andre Peron (made in France) sn 066 that is nickel copper (not nickel plated brass). Horn-U-Copia just notes it is a student model, and I've seen both silver colored and brass clarinets for sale but not many and no historical info. Does anyone have any info on these, and is it something with low enough value to let the kids play with?


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Brassica Oleracea
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Quick trip on Google says between $35 and $125.

I had a Conn-made Pan American metal clarinet. I rather liked it, but it wasn't a high-end horn. Gandalfe, one of the admins here, has a couple of very high-end silver Selmer clarinets that are very, very pretty.

Anyhow, provided the horn is a) low pitch (i.e. modern intonation standard) and b) doesn't have significant mechanical problems, I think it'll be ok to fool around with. Might need a few pads, corks, and felts.
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