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Another Keilwerth Stencil: Olds Ambassador


Brassica Oleracea
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The horn's a relacquer, of course. I'm not overly fond of the look, either. Aside from that, I was pretty certain that all Olds Ambassadors were Pierrets.

The horn's stamped, "Made in Germany." I'd love to say, "Dorfler & Jurka," but Helen said they only had tooling for altos and tenors. Besides, this horn doesn't look overbuilt, like D&J horns tend to. Serial number fits quite well, too.


Content Expert Saxophones
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It certainly looks like a JK with a relaq job. Besides D&J only having built altos and tenors--they sub-contracted their soprano and baritone horns out--the serial # doesn't fit with D&J.
Dörfler & Jörka serial #'s were low, and ranged from circa 8,000 to 18,000. This bari however, fits into the JK serial # chart perfectly. It would have been made in 1964.

BTW, the left pinkie cluster is more consistant with JK, and not with the baris I have that were ordered by D&J. Also, the key guards are again JK, and not like the D&J horns. And the post shapes are JK, not D&J. (My D&J page illustrates the differences in post shapes, and other differences between the 2 brands.)

Here are a couple of pics of a Rene Dumont bari that D&J ordered. Notice the differences--pinkie cluster, post, and key guard--between it and JK-stencilled Olds Ambassador.

Bell.JPGUpper Bow Front View.JPGRight Side.JPG
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